Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The saying goes: Change is the only constant in life

You may have read them at some point in your life that 50% start up companies doesn't go past the 5 years mark; up to 75% companies doesn't reach 10 years. Most of the more established companies also fail later in their life due to un-adaptability, which make the case for change a must!

I have walked into organisation with so much internal complains that it does themselves more harm than good. Do ask the complainers, are you part of the solution? If you're not, then you're part of the problem.

Complaining doesn't make a difference, if you don't make a difference to improve, then you are just part of the contributing problems.

First, the leader(s) would have to be a visionary. He would have to teach the organisation how to dream. Without a dream, without a vision, without knowing what they want to be and what they can be, they would not know how to get there.

Second, cost-cutting is so yester-years. Stop unnecessary cost-cutting. Invest in your people's development, coach the right leadership into them. Also, invest in implementation of efficient system that streamline and make work easier. Employees are your biggest asset, without them, your company is just a shell. Invest in them! Be very wary of managers who are cost-cutting experts, they are likely bringing the company to la-la land.

Third, remove those who don't embrace the improvement drive. Stop the blaming culture, stop it right there and then. Instill back ownership, instill back quality right from the top. It's not an employee's fault if he/she made a mistake, it's because your mismanagement of the system which allow him/her to make that mistake possible. In the era of huge generation gap, low population growth, high human resource turnover, the only thing that will stay there and do the job is the system. So it comes back again to invest on your system!

Fourth, reward competency, reward ownership, reward high-performance. Discourage blaming, discourage cost-cutting, and discourage poor workmanship. Only there and then, the hull will start to take a turn for the better.